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Age: 7 Years


Eyota is a strong leader. In the most toughest of situations he is calm and determined. He is very loyal, loving, caring, but intimidating when needed.

Voiced by: FangTehWolf
Line Art by: scarlingragdoll666 at


Age: 5 years


Siku is more of a laid back wolf. After giving birth to a litter, losing many puppies, she has taken it easy now. Suffering from slight depression she spends her time walking in the early morning and watching over the pack for each member is either a son or daughter to her.

Voiced by: Mibby101

Picture drawn by: Shea (DarkWolf4377)


Age: 3 Years


Nagamo is the daughter of Eyota and Siku. Before a death in the family she was a sweet, loving pup who enjoyed everything life had to offer. But after a loved one had died she changed. Now, she is resentful, and does not trust easy.

Voiced by: KillerRebelWolf and GingadensetsuWeed3
Picture drawn by: Shea (DarkWolf4377)


Age: 3 Years


Being the brother of Nagamo, Dasek is almost the opposite of his sister. He’s what the humans would call a 'Ladies Man'. He’s cocky at times and as immature as a pup. However, if determined leadership is needed then he will put all childish behavior aside and face the problem.

Voiced by: TwilightWolfExile
Picture drawn by: Shea (DarkWolf4377)


Age: 8 Years


Yukatan is one of the pack fighters. Being a year older than Eyota but not the Alpha, Yukatan resents Eyota and often daydreams about being Alpha, bringing Eyota down. Yukatan's loyalty is questionable.

Voiced by: MagonBarca
Picture drawn by: Shea (DarkWolf4377)


Age: 6


Kaygan is Yukatan’s mate and is a very laid back wolf, almost lazy. She has miscarried 5 pups and only one survived. She spends her days laying around, babysitting the newborn pups while the others hunt.

Voiced by: GingaDaWolf
Picture drawn by: Shea (DarkWolf4377)


Age: 3 Years


Yiki is one of the most hyper wolves you'd ever see. Her name meaning 'Spark', Yiki is a crazy, yet fun wolf. She is the daughter of Kaygan. Yiki is always looking for adventure and mischief.

Voiced by: EarthsGirl and whatsnewpussycat23
Picture drawn by: Shea (DarkWolf4377)


Age: 4 Years


Caven is a product of a wolf and a husky. He was owned by a human with his twin sister, Catleya. They were mistreated and decided to run away into the wilderness, seeking life else ware. It was Eyota who took them both in.
Being half wolf, Caven often has trouble feeling one with the pack.

Voiced by: Firewerwolve
Picture drawn by: Shea (DarkWolf4377)


Age: 4 Years


Although she looks more of a husky then wolf, Catleya is contempt with herself. She has found peace with the pack and loves her brother Caven with all her heart.

Voiced by: RandomPies
Picture drawn by: Shea (DarkWolf4377)


Age: Unknown


This lone wolf is cocky and a mystery. His past is unknown as well as his future.

Voiced by: crossblades08
Picture drawn by: Shea (DarkWolf4377)


Age: 7 Years


Although Eyota tried to protect Xaan from Mahri, their father's abuse, Xaan still resents Eyota with all his heart. Xaan killed Mahri and expected to become Alpha by doing so, but Eyota was picked instead and banished Xaan so no more misdoings would be done. Xaan never understood why his brother would turn on him, so his heart turned black.

Voiced by: whendidIdie
Line Art by: plaguedog at