What is Deliver Us From Evil?

40 years ago, a mighty wolf pack roamed the Alaskan wilderness, free and beautiful. With hearts pure no evil could touch them..until..

Eyota, the Alpha of the Toklat is a kind and loving leader. His howl rings strong and graceful. However, his brother's howl rings hatred and intimidation. Xaan, the Non-Wolf, is a lone wolf wandering behind the borders of Eyota's territory. Day after day he plots ways to get back at his brother, to get revenge.

With three new puppies born Eyota is put to the true test of fatherhood, as well as Leadership. But, will Xaan finally get his revenge?

Deliver Us From Evil tells the true story of the Toklat Pack, and their never ending struggle to survive.

Created by: Darkwolf4377(at Youtube.com) or SheaTheDestroyer(at Deviantart.com)

Update From the Director:

Hello. As of now, the script for Episode One is writen, the opening credits are fully done, and Ive started storyboards. Due to a harsh misunderstanding I've lost the voice of Siku and one of my writers. However, I have found another voice actress for Siku. Production has started again.

If you have any questions then please e-mail me at DUFESeries@Aol.com

Currently being done: Animation

Thank You, Shea.

The creator of the series, Shea.

"Ever since I was a little kid I always wanted to make some sort of animated movie/series of a wolf pack. Finally, my dream is coming true. My story is coming to life!"

My Deviantart:  http://sheathedestroyer.deviantart.com/

My Youtube:  http://www.youtube.com/user/DarkWolf4377